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EU Science Hub

JRC SciArt project

The JRC SciArt project brokers and curates transdisciplinary exchanges and encounters, bringing together scientists, artists and policy-makers around a matter of concern to the JRC and the EC.

We strive to create Resonances between art and science, between scientific disciplines, between art, science and policy, between EC and citizens.

Resonances is our flagship two-year cycle, in which scientists, artists and policymakers come together to discuss a EC/JRC theme.

Inspired by the Summer School meetings, artists can propose artworks in close collaboration with the researcher(s).

Finally, we produce and exhibit the result of these encounters in a festival and a major European venue.

Resonances IV will take place 2022-2023 on the concept of "NaturArchy:Towards a Natural Contract".

Jenny Brockman, Nature of Knowledge, installation view at JRC-Ispra, 2019
Jenny Brockmann, Nature of Knowledge, 2019. This work was developed during Resonances III in collaboration with Pierre Pegon, Diana Rembges, Marcelona Masera (JRC)
© Jenny Brockman, 2019