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Resonances IV on NaturArchy

Resonances IV on NaturArchy looks at ecology and sustainability through the legal lens of the rights of nature, a new socioecological contract, climate stabilisation, health and equality. Between 2022 and 2023, artists, researchers and policymakers will meet in formal and informal settings to exchange, explore and co-create.

NaturArchy wants to put forward bold transdisciplinary proposals to inspire people to shape the future with imagination and awareness for the environment. The aim is to reinforce, through the arts and humanities, the activities of the JRC in support of the EU Green Deal.

Curatorial Concept on NaturArchy

NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract aims to explore – through artistic, scientific and legal expressions – how providing nature and its phenomena with a contract that integrates her juridically into our society can redefine our anthropocentric attitudes

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Summer School

Between June 20th and 24th, a group of artists, JRC scientists and EC policymakers will come together to explore the fertile ground and ferment visions on "NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract".

The aim of the Summer School is to foster transdisciplinary exchange, to create discourse, visions, narratives, and artworks that raise questions, challenge perceptions and widen awareness on the EU Green Deal.

Programme of the Resonances IV Summer School on NaturArchy
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Bios of Resonances IV Summer School Participants
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Programme Booklet of the Resonances IV Summer School on NaturArchy
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Find out more about the JRC Summer School on NaturArchy.

Resonances IV Artists

We are proud to announce the 20 artists selected from the Open Call for Expression of Interest.

A massive thank you to everyone who participated in the tough selection process. Congratulations to the winners, whom we look forward to meet in June 2022 at the JRC in Ispra, Italy!

Open Call for Artists

The Open Call for Artists closed on 15 February at 23:59 CET.

A note to all applicants:

We have received 272 applications.

We are overwhelmed and humbled by this answer. But also downhearted by having to offer a place within the Summer School to only a small part of these beautiful creative engaged committed artists, wanting to work on NaturArchy and with the European project.

Independently of the final selection result, we urge you to continue your beautiful and important work on the topic, and continue to engage with the European Union.

Applications will be evaluated in the next weeks, and results announced at the beginning of April.

We thank you all for your interest in the JRC SciArt project and hope to see you when we show-case the results of these common endeavours.


If you are a researcher, policymaker, organisation, journal or other, interested in joining us and/or learning more, get in contact at

The Thickness of the Critical Zone at the Planetary Scale, 2019
Alexandra Arènes: The Thickness of the Critical Zone at the Planetary Scale, 2019 - in: Bruno Latour Peter Weibel, Critical Zones, The Sience and Politics of Landing Earth, Karlsruhe - Cambridge MA, 2020.
© Alexandra Arènes