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News article14 April 2021

Survey on the use and impact of AI in the public sector  


- Are you working or know about AI use in the public sector?

- Is your organisation using services or solutions based or enabled by AI?  

- Do you know the main factors and impact of these AI-enabled solutions?

Then participate to the survey on the use and impact of AI in the public sector  and  contribute  to build  stronger and solid  AI  enabled public  services in EU!

As part of the peer learning exercise agreed between the Member States and the European Commission in the  Coordinated Plan on AI - COM(2018) 795,   AI Watch,  the European Commission’s knowledge service on artificial intelligence, and the  ISA2  ELISE action,  are carrying out this survey aiming to better understand the  use and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by the Public Sector.

The survey has three  parts and will take approx. 20 minutes  to complete:

  • Information  about the AI-enabled solution (location, status, engagement, AI technique, purpose, use, etc)
  • Factors  that have influenced the adoption of AI  (stakeholders, resources)
  • Effects  of the AI-enabled solution (on internal operations, public services, openness and inclusiveness, social value and well-being)   

The  survey  is open until  15 May 2021.

Contact AI Watch:

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Publication date
14 April 2021