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News article15 November 2017

Release of the new IRMM-049e 242Pu isotopic spike Certified Reference Material

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The Euratom Treaty, signed in 1957, laid the foundation for the peaceful use of nuclear materials and technologies in the European Community.

In compliance with the Euratom Treaty, a safeguards system was established 60 years ago to ensure that nuclear materials are used only for declared peaceful purposes. It is the responsibility of the European Commission and of the member states to verify that nuclear materials are not diverted from their intended uses as declared by the users.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (EC) supports the Commission in fulfilling these obligations by developing methods and tools for the nuclear materials analysis in nuclear safeguards, nuclear security and in the industry.

Confidence in measurement results is established via reference materials and reference measurements. The JRC is providing certified reference materials (CRM) and validated analytical methods to safeguards laboratories and industry. These Isotopic Reference Materials are applied in nuclear fuel cycle measurements and are part of a systematic JRC programme to supply isotopic spike CRMs of various isotopes relevant for nuclear material and environmental sample analysis.

Therefore, in order to maintain the provision of the IRMM-049 series of spike 242Pu CRMs, the JRC released a new 242Pu isotopic spike certified reference material, IRMM-049e, produced in compliance with ISO 17034:2016.

This material is used for accurate measurements of plutonium applying isotope dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS), which is a widely applied measurement technique in nuclear safeguards and industry.

IRMM-049e is supplied in a screw-cap glass ampoule containing 10 mL nitric acid solution (c = 5 mol/L) with a certified plutonium (total Pu) mass fraction of (91.52 ± 0.12) µg/g and a certified 242Pu amount content of (0.35828 ± 0.00045) µmol/g.

The preparation and certification of IRMM-049e is described in detail in the certification report, available together with the certificate in our online catalogue.


Publication date
15 November 2017