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News article16 April 2020

NUSIMEP-9 Proficiency Test on Uranium Isotope Amount Ratios and Uranium Mass in Uranium Micro-Particles

SEM images of NUSIMEP-9 glassy carbon planchet
SEM images of NUSIMEP-9 glassy carbon planchet (JRC-Geel)
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The JRC plays a central role in organising nuclear inter-laboratory comparison programmes in support to European and international safeguards, security and non-proliferation and environmental sampling.

During nuclear safeguards inspections in nuclear facilities, the dust collected on cotton swipes may contain micrometre-sized particles of actinides or other elements that could reveal irregular or even clandestine activities. In this context, uranium particles are the most often investigated type of particles.

The JRC has therefore organised NUSIMEP-9, a Proficiency Test (PT) on “Uranium isotope amount ratios and uranium mass in uranium micro-particles”, for laboratories performing particle analysis in various application fields. NUSIMEP-9 was specifically designed for the participation of the International Atomic Energy Agency's Network of Analytical Laboratories (IAEA-NWAL) for environmental sampling. The aim of the exercise is to demonstrate the measurement capabilities and evaluate the analytical approaches of the different laboratories for the analysis of uranium particles in environmental samples.

The final evaluation of the participant's measurement performances, the findings and the feedback are all presented in detail in the NUSIMEP-9 report.

Uranium particles
Figure 1. Uranium particles (JRC-Geel)
© EU, 2020


Publication date
16 April 2020