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News article26 July 2021

Continued positive yield outlook for EU crops

Summer crops benefited from particularly favourable weather conditions in southern France, Bulgaria and Romania.
© M. Claverie

According to the July issue of the JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe, published today, changes in EU crop yield forecasts over the past month have been limited for most crops.

However, sunflower yield forecasts have gone up by 10%, mainly due to upward revisions for Romania, Bulgaria and France, which outweighed the downward revision for Hungary.

Maize yield forecasts for Romania and Bulgaria were also revised substantially upward, but offset at the EU level by downward revisions for Hungary and neighbouring countries in southern-central Europe.


Western European regions experienced mostly average to wet conditions during the review period (1 June to 20 July), while hot and dry weather was more prominent in southern and south-eastern regions.

Heavy storm events – sometimes accompanied by hail – occurred in several parts of Europe, locally causing severe damage to crops.

At regional level, the exceptionally high rainfall in much of France, Germany, the Benelux countries, Romania and Ukraine is likely to negatively affect grain quality rather than yields.

Warmer-than-usual conditions reduced the yield expectations for winter crops in the Baltic countries and Finland.

Heatwaves in central Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia negatively affected the final stages of the growth cycle of winter crops, and the development of summer crops, where not sufficiently irrigated.

In Russia, consecutive heatwaves negatively impacted the yield formation of winter wheat and spring cereals, and are also a source of stress for grain maize.


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Publication date
26 July 2021