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News article3 March 2021

JRC science on-line for everybody: the new JRC Publications Repository launched

JRC science on-line for everybody: the new JRC Publications Repository
JRC Publications Repository is the access point to all JRC scientific publications.
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The new JRC Publications Repository is the open online access point to all scientific publications of the JRC.

Mainly with the scientific community in mind, it is free to use for everyone. It offers access to state-of-the-art science with full-text and open access.

Visit the new JRC Publications Repository and discover thousands of JRC scientific outputs, updated on a daily basis!

Visit the new JRC Publications Repository

Science supporting EU policy

JRC Publications Repository include

  • science-for-policy reports,
  • research works published in international journals and
  • proceedings of international conferences,
  • technical reports and
  • other scientific outputs.

They cover a diversity of fields and in particular those relevant for EU policy.

Via automated procedures, JRC scientific outputs are also transferred from the JRC Publications Repository to other information websites such as EU Science Hub, EU Publications (Publication Office), Knowledge for policy and others.

JRC Publications Repository - how it works

The repository is a search engine for JRC publicaitons.

You can search the JRC catalogue with free text search (e.g. "climate action").

You can also filter results using "Science Areas", “Publication groups”, "publication year" and "author".

Science Areas

10 clusters of JRC activities, Science areas are fundamental for both research and policy perspectives:

These enable to provide a sound overview of the research carried out as well as performed in these fields;

Publication groups

Publications are mapped in a small classification of 5 “Groups”

Design principles

We designed JRC Publications Repository to ensure a coherent, user-centred online experience. For example:

  • Users first approach: We designed the repository simple and clear, so you can navigate easily and find what you came for.
  • Prioritise task completion: We wanted to make sure it easy for you to immediately view and use the content you have requested, free from distraction. We want to enable you to complete your main task on the first attempt.
  • Be inclusive: We designed the make digital content and interactions accessible to people with disabilities and welcoming to as many users as possible.
  • Improved performances and security: We take personal data protection and intellectual property rights serious so you can trust our websites and the information we offer you.


Publication date
3 March 2021