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News announcement3 May 2018

JRC opens call for parliaments, regions and cities

The European Parliament funds a pilot project ‘Science meets Parliaments / Science meets Regions’ in 2018.

The call aims to bring together partners to organise events across the EU.
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The JRC invites national parliaments, regional bodies and local authorities to express their interest in a new pilot project: 'Science meets Parliaments / Science meets Regions'.

The project will support events bringing together scientists, policymakers and citizens to explore locally-relevant issues with the help of scientific evidence.

Organisations are invited to submit their ideas for one-day workshops and conferences, or multi-day innovation camps aimed at finding innovative solutions to societal challenges.

Events can be local, regional or national in scope.

The JRC will offer its scientific expertise, identify contributors and help organisers to design and promote the events.

Funded by the European Parliament, the initiative gives administrative authorities, national and regional parliaments the chance to work together on policy issues of common interest.

Research will be financed in support of these events.

Organisations can express their interest in participating in the project up until June 1.

Those who have expressed their interest may subsequently be invited to submit their offer in one of the tender procedures that the JRC will launch for the events to be organised.


The JRC aims to ensure that policy development is informed by the best scientific advice possible - not only at EU level, but also at national, regional and local levels.

The 'Science meets Parliaments' project was launched in 2015 by the JRC together with the European Parliament.

In line with the JRC's overall mission, the project aimed to foster evidence-informed policymaking by building closer links and regular dialogue between scientists and policymakers.

'Science meets Regions' was launched in collaboration with the Committee of the Regions in 2016.

Regions and cities are key partners in implementing European legislation, policies and financial instruments.

They also have the power to catalyse change and enable citizens' involvement. About 70% of EU law and 80% of EU funds are implemented at subnational level.

The success of these projects prompted the European Parliament to fund the pilot 'Science meets Parliaments/ Science meets Regions' project this year, expanding the scope of the initiative to more European countries and regions.


Publication date
3 May 2018