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News article27 October 2020

Rainfall brings mixed blessings to Europe’s drought hit regions

Crop field with wet conditions.
© ©, Matauw, 2020

According to the October issue of the JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe – which was published yesterday, warm and dry summer weather followed by a period of abundant, but sometimes excessive rainfall since the end of September, hampered field work in large parts of Europe.

These wet conditions at the end of September and October caused delays to the harvesting of summer crops as well as to sowing activities in western and southwestern France, the Benelux, southern Poland, eastern Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. For winter rapeseed, the sowing window has come to an end. For winter cereals, timely completion of the sowing campaign is still possible in the coming weeks.

Digitized map showing extreme weather events in Europe including rain surplus, rain deficit, heatwave, and temperature surplus.
© EC - Joint Research Centre MARS AOC - October 2020

At EU level, the yield forecasts for all summer crops were revised downwards, mostly based on a reanalysis of data since the start of the season.

Statistical table showing 5-year crop yield for grain maize, potato sugar beet, sunflower, soybean and green maize.
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Publication date
27 October 2020