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News article8 May 2017

Harmonising experimental data recording in environmental, health and safety of nanomaterials

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Under JRC's leadership and in the frame of the EU-funded FP7 flagship project NANoREG, a team of experts in different fields (physicochemical characterisation, in vivo and in vitro toxicology) has produced a set of easy-to-use templates aimed at harmonising the logging of experimentally-produced data for nanomaterial environmental, health and safety (nanoEHS) assessment. The templates are free to use and modify.

Data management and a harmonised approach to handle meaningful and comparable data are a key success factor for the evaluation of the quality and reliability of datasets and methods, and to support an efficient development and responsible use of nanomaterials (NMs).

NANoREG has generated a downloadable set of public, free to use and adapt templates (under Common Creative Licence – Share alike) as jump start for the harmonisation, sharing and linking of data. They are intended to aid nanoEHS data management harmonisation at European level and beyond.

The templates have i) a common set of descriptors to identify the sample under investigation, ii) a second part with essential parameters used to fully describe an assay and record basic information on the dispersion method used, and iii) a third part to actually record (log) the experimental (assay) results.
Their use allows the evaluation and comparability of results obtained in different laboratories, and supports assay reproducibility. They thus include meaningful and detailed information to help causal correlation analyses, modelling and Safe-by-Design (SbD).

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The structure of the NANoREG templates for nanoEHS data logging

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Publication date
8 May 2017