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News article23 March 2020

Genomics and personalised healthcare – what brings the road ahead?

My genome: our future - Integrating genomics into personalised healthcare: a science-for-policy perspective
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The JRC just published a report with a science-for-policy perspective on how to integrate genomics into personalised healthcare. It lists a number of recommendations following a high-level conference that took place last year.

The latest developments in Genomics hold a huge potential to revolutionise healthcare. The whole world population might feel the impact sooner or later.

Scientists have shown that these technologies can be implemented in a cost-efficient manner. This will soon demonstrate the huge potential of genomics to improve healthcare. Clinicians confirm this need, and we anticipate patients will be willing to get on board as well soon.

Existing activities and infrastructures already give concrete and established opportunities.

The main question is therefore no longer ‘whether’ but ‘what’ should be done to implement genomics in the prevention, diagnostics, and therapy for diseases such as cancer and which new opportunities it may bring for citizens and patients in the EU?

These issues were the central theme of the Conference My Genome: Our Future (Brussels, Feb 2019). The conference brought together specialists in genetics and genomics, health professionals, decision-makers, patient organisations and other relevant stakeholders, together with experts from around the world. They discussed the (already quite agreed) potential of genomics but also went further: What are the remaining challenges, besides the natural resistance against change?

The following topics were identified to be tackled:

  • Access to data
  • Better economy
  • Capitalisation on existing infrastructure
  • Development of education programmes
  • Effective regulation and
  • Forging ties with society

The report presents the experts’ opinion on how to support patient-centric policies, covering important aspects such as data privacy and ownership, as well as security of the genetic information produced, ethics and the impact of the genomics market on healthcare systems.

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Integrating genomics into personalised healthcare: a science-for-policy perspective


Publication date
23 March 2020