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News article24 April 2017

Fairly positive outlook for winter cereals

Most agricultural regions of eastern and northern Europe, autumn 2020 was the warmest in records
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According to the April issue of the JRC MARS crop monitoring bulletin for Europe published today, conditions of winter cereals are good, but more rain is needed to sustain high yields.

Mild weather conditions have been very favourable for winter crop growth and spring sowing activities in almost all regions of Europe. More rain is needed in several important crop-production areas, however, to sustain good yields.

Moreover, a cold spell that set in at the end of the review period raises concerns for flowering rapeseed crops. Consequently, the yield forecasts have a high degree of uncertainty, and are mainly based on historical trends or average values.

Further information:

JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe - April 2017


Publication date
24 April 2017