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Article d’actualité25 octobre 2021

Fair autumn weather allows for good progress with harvesting and sowing activities

In most parts of Europe, fair autumn weather allowed farmers to make good progress with field activities.
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According to the October issue of the JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe, which was published today, fair weather conditions in most parts of Europe allowed farmers to make good progress with the sowing of winter crops and the harvesting of summer crops.

The fair autumn weather also benefited the summer crops that are still in the field for their final stages of development.

At EU level, the yield forecasts for most summer crops were revised slightly upwards compared to the figures reported in September. Only the forecast for potatoes has slightly decreased, due to downward revisions for Germany, Lithuania and Greece.


In southern Romania, conditions for the sowing and emergence of winter crops were not favourable as the drought conditions that persisted since late summer were only marginally alleviated by rain in October. The (more recent) rain deficit in other parts of Romania and in southern Ukraine had no significant negative impact.

In Greece and southern Bulgaria, an exceptional rain surplus in October caused delays to the harvest of the summer crops still in the field. Periods with very high rainfall were also experienced in parts of France and Belgium. These events caused some delay to harvesting and sowing activities, yet without raising serious concern.

Temperatures well below seasonal values prevailed in large parts of European Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, without causing significant negative impact on crops.


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JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe - October 2021

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Date de publication
25 octobre 2021