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News article26 September 2022Joint Research Centre

Exceptionally high grain production expected in Russia

The September edition of the JRC MARS Bulletin in the global outlook series on Russia shows that the grain yield and production outlook were revised upward compared with the June edition of the Bulletin.

Wheat harvest
Harvest of soft wheat is ongoing in Russia. A record high production is expected.
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Winter crops entered summer in very good condition in most parts of Russia, thanks to mild temperatures during winter and wetter and cooler-than-usual conditions during spring. In June, warmer temperatures and adequate soil moisture conditions provided a boost to crop growth. Hot temperatures in south-western parts, had a slightly negative effect on yield formation.

Most spring cereals producing regions also benefited from adequate soil moisture conditions and from the absence of thermal stress throughout the summer. However, grain maize in the main producing Southern okrug and the North Caucasian okrug suffered from a persistent rain deficit accompanied by a heatwave in August, with negative effect on the yield potential.

Areas of concern - crop impacts

High yields for winter and spring cereals, fair yield for grain maize

Winter and spring cereals’ yield forecasts are well above the 5-year average. Grain maize yield forecast is below the historical trend but still above the 5-year average. The increased sown area of soft wheat led to a record high production of this crop, which we forecast close to 95 million tons.

Yield forecasts for Russia - September 2022 Bulletin

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Publication date
26 September 2022
Joint Research Centre