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News article28 October 2019

European farmers face challenging harvesting and sowing conditions

Dry conditions hampered field activities in much of Europe
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According to the October issue of the JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe, which was published today, farmers in many parts of Europe had trouble harvesting summer crops and sowing the winter crops for next year’s season, either because it was too dry or because it was too wet. Rapeseed sowing activities were particularly affected.

Frequent and abundant rainfall hampered the harvesting of summer crops in the British Isles, part of the Benelux countries, northern Germany, Denmark and southern Sweden. In these regions, sugar beet, potatoes and green maize crops are the most affected. The winter sowing campaign also faced delays in these regions.

Dry conditions hampered the sowing of winter crops in northern France, Germany, north-eastern Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Spain as well as in western Ukraine. In most of these regions, rain arrived too late to complete the sowing of rapeseed within the optimal window, which is likely to result in a reduced rapeseed area. The sowing window for winter cereals is still open, but more rain will be needed in most of these regions to sustain adequate stand formation.

Once again, the yield forecasts for summer crops were revised slightly downward.


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The next Bulletin will be published on 25 November.

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Publication date
28 October 2019