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Article d’actualité6 août 2018

ASAP: Dry conditions affecting much of the Middle East and Central Asia

ASAP hotspot assessment of 06.08.2018
ASAP hotspot assessment of 06.08.2018
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The July edition of the JRC's Anomaly Hotspots of Agricultural Production (ASAP) global overview assessment shows evidence of a drop in cereal production in several countries in the Middle East and Central Asia due to dry conditions.

The harvest in Southern Africa was completed in July. This region also experienced a mixed crop season, with production problems mainly caused by a prolonged early season dry spell. A special alert provides full details.

By contrast, the main crop season is generally developing well in both East and West Africa. In Central America, the Primera (first) season crop conditions are worsening in the dry corridor and in Haiti.

Main findings of the July global overview

  • Despite flood damage, crop conditions are generally favourable in East Africa thanks to above-average rainfall. South Sudan’s crop and pasture productivity remains affected by conflict and the late start of season in the north.
  • Crop conditions are worsening in the dry corridor of Central America, after a favourable seasonal onset. Drought conditions continue in Haiti.
  • Weather conditions have improved in West Africa leading to good crop and pasture conditions.
  • In North Africa, the harvest has been completed, with above-average production in most countries of the region.
  • Cereal production has fallen in most countries of Southern Africa due to prolonged dry spells early in the season. The winter-wheat-producing Western Cape region has benefited from good rainfall conditions.
  • Drought and conflict had a negative impact on the outlook for winter cereal production in the Middle East. Irrigated summer crop conditions have improved in Syria compared to 2017.
  • Most countries in Central Asia are facing below-average production prospects due to dry conditions. Probable lack of irrigation water has led to to a reduced summer crop area in Afghanistan.
  • Crop conditions are favourable in South-East Asia.

The next assessment is scheduled for the end of August 2018.

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6 août 2018