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News article29 October 2018

2018 Scientific Meeting of the European Network of Cancer Registries - Focus on data linkages and cancer registries

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The 2018 Scientific Meeting of the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) was organised by the JRC and the Danish Cancer Society in Copenhagen at the end of September. The conference hosted welcomed 150 participants from 22 European countries for four keynote lectures and seven sessions.

The main theme, Data Linkages and Cancer Registries, was discussed from various perspectives, including the integration of clinical databases and biobanks with cancer registries, data linkage methods, and estimation of cancer burden.

JRC scientists presented the European Cancer Information System and the latest version of the JRC-ENCR Quality Check Software. This software was developed to help cancer registries improve the quality and comparability of their data, so that we can more accurately monitor the burden of cancer in Europe.

In addition to the main conference, the JRC also organised a Workshop on Data Protection to present the principles of the new General Data Protection Regulation and ascertain its impact on the daily activities of EU cancer registries.

A JRC-ENCR Training on Data Coding was also offered, focussing on topography, morphology, and stage-of-cancer cases according to international classifications.

This full-day training was attended by representatives from 33 European cancer registries.

The JRC has been providing the scientific, technical, and administrative support to the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) since 2012.

This collaboration ensures the continuity and sustainability of the ENCR network, with the aim of harmonising cancer data in Europe. The JRC-ENCR provides accurate, reliable, and up-to-date cancer-burden indicators at European level. ENCR scientific meetings are a unique opportunity for the cancer registry community to meet, exchange best practices, and communicate in person with the ENCR Steering Committee and the JRC team.

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29 October 2018