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News announcement27 June 2019

2018 Annual Report published: JRC strategy bearing fruit

The JRC Annual Report for 2018 has been published - a year that brought many novelties to the organisation.

The Annual Report provides info on the wide-ranging accomplishments of the JRC over the year.
The Annual Report provides info on the wide-ranging accomplishments of the JRC over the year.
© Giu Vicente, Unsplash 2019

2018 brought many novelties to the JRC.

For the first time, it played a pivotal role in preparing the long term budget of the European Union.

It also organised the first-ever Commission-wide Knowledge Week to strengthen knowledge management capacity across the organisation.

Tibor Navracsics, commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, and in charge of the Joint Research Centre, said: "I am very proud that thanks to a bold vision, our dedicated team and hard work, we have developed the Joint Research Centre into a strategic partner at the heart of the Commission, using its knowledge and expertise to support policymakers, breaking silos and building bridges between science and policy."

Vladimir Šucha, Director-General of the JRC, said: "2018 was crucial because we were and still are in the process of adopting the new long term budget. But the appreciation for the JRC's work was also expressed through the budgetary proposals. On that basis we can continue to offer our knowledge to all institutions and collaborating with Member States throughout the entire policy cycle."

2018 was a year when the JRC:

  • Played a pivotal role in preparing the next long term budget through screening the evaluation processes of existing regulations and spending programmes
  • developed a scientifically valid common testing methodology in cooperation with Member States to address concerns about dual food quality;
  • set up two new Knowledge Centres and two new Competence Centres to support EU policymakers with the best available knowledge and tools
  • launched the 'Big Data for Migration Alliance' with the International Organisation for Migration, to harness the potential of big data for analysing and understanding migration.
  • Supported the Commission in the negotiations on the energy union governance regulation.
  • Rolled out the SELFIE tool to help schools in the EU, Russia, Georgia and Serbia asses how they use digital technology for teaching and leanring.
  • Collaborated with the Berlin Museum für Naturkunde in a joint exhibition that explores new ways of communicating science and illustrates how science can help find solutions for pressing environmental issues.

The Annual Report provides further detailed information on the wide-ranging accomplishments of the JRC over the year.

The publication also provides an overview of activities as well as corporate initiatives, international agreements, facts and figures and resources related to the functioning of the JRC.

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Publication date
27 June 2019