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News article22 January 20181 min read

Very mild winter so far

© Adobe Stock, author: Daniel Prudek

According to the January issue of the JRC MARS Crop monitoring Bulletin (Vol. 26 No 1), which was published today, the low-temperature acclimatisation of winter wheat remains delayed and weaker than usual in large regions of western, southern and central Europe because of the mild temperatures experienced so far.

This acclimatisation process, called winter hardening, is particularly delayed in a large zone north and west of the Black Sea, extending into Hungary, where weather conditions were among the warmest on our records for this period. Unhardened or weakly hardened crops can suffer frost-kill damage in the event of a sudden freezing-air intrusion. Nevertheless, frost damage has been minor so far due to the same mild weather conditions, and, in accordance with the latest weather forecast, no further frost-kill damage is expected until the end of January.


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22 January 2018