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News article1 June 20181 min read

Towards the future CAP

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The European Commission has today launched a proposal on how to modernise and simplify the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), one of the core policies of the EU.

The JRC is extremely active in its scientific support to the CAP through its work in the economics of agriculture and monitoring of agricultural resources, and has been extensively involved in the preparation of this new set of regulations. In particular, the JRC made substantial contributions to the ex-ante assessment for the different policy scenarios, to the indicators for the assessment of environmental performance and to the uptake of a range of new technologies for the simplification of the integrated administration and control system.

Under the new CAP, which is proposed for 2021-2027, Member States will have more flexibility in how to use their funding allocations. Farmers will receive fairer distribution of direct payments, and small and medium-sized farms and young farmers will get higher financial support. Greater efforts in environmental and climate action will be required and incentivized. A budget will be set aside for research and innovation, and Member States will be encouraged to take advantage of all the latest technologies and become more digitized.

Through this greater subsidiarity to Member States, this new proposal also ensures a more resilient agricultural sector in Europe, and increases the environmental and climate ambition of the CAP. It will contribute to the competitiveness of the agricultural sector, while also reinforcing its sustainability. The proposed new measures are expected to improve the effectiveness of the CAP, and to allow better monitoring of its results.

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1 June 2018