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Nyhedsartikel5. juli 2018

Open Call for members for a New Group of Experts on Standard Essential Patents (SEP)

The European Commission has created a group of experts on the licensing and valuation of standard essential patents (SEPs) and opened a call for applications for membership.

The aim of the group is to increase expertise and know-how about the determination of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing terms, as well as the sound valuation of intellectual property, including in the context of the digitisation of the economy.

The group will be composed of up to 15 members. It will include independent experts and members representing stakeholder interests. Applications to join the group can be submitted up to 20 August 2018.

The intention to create the group was first announced in November 2017, in the Commission's Communication setting out the EU approach to standard essential patents.

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5. juli 2018