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News article29 April 20201 min read

New Plutonium Handbook with JRC contribution is published

Plutonium Handbook 2nd edition, Volume 4
© ANS, 2019

Fifty years after publication of the original Plutonium Handbook, this timely and authoritative 2nd edition provides unparalleled coverage of plutonium research.

Topics span the history of the discovery of plutonium, properties of plutonium isotopes, chemistry and properties of plutonium metal and alloys, plutonium aging, thermodynamic trends of plutonium, plutonium in nuclear fuels, waste forms, and heat sources, packaging, storing, and transportation of plutonium, nuclear security and safeguards, and techniques for working with plutonium. With authorship from thirteen countries, this truly international collaboration brings together an entire community of researchers from academia, national laboratories, and research institutions. Three chapters of this new edition were written under JRC leadership with the support of many colleagues from the JRC. JRC authors also contributed to other chapters of the same book. The Plutonium Handbook (2nd edition) is expertly produced and will be a mainstay for future generations.

The all-new Plutonium Handbook is available at the American Nuclear Society website.


Publication date
29 April 2020