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Mild season leads to fair crop yields in Turkey

The September edition of the JRC MARS Bulletin in the global outlook series on Turkey, shows that yield forecasts for winter cereals and summer crops are in line with – or above – the 5-year average.  

Soybean yield expectations are well above the 5-year average.
Soybean yield expectations are well above the 5-year average.
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Areas of concern - crop conditions

Winter crops benefited from mild summer after delayed start to the season

The significant delay of winter crop development accumulated over spring did not result in exposure to heat stress at flowering. The high temperatures recorded in late May and early June had marginal negative impacts on rain fed crops and none at all on irrigated crops. Below-average temperatures and unseasonal rains in late June (in western Anatolia) and July (in eastern Anatolia) were very favourable for yield formation, notably for soft wheat.

Summer crops season progressed without significant drawbacks

Summer crops sowings started in time with an average season (end of May to end of June), and while irrigation was needed for emergence, vegetative growth was supported by rain in June. Crop development was initially slower than usual but accelerated during July and biomass accumulation reached around average to above average levels, notably in the main maize producing region of Hatay and in the regions along the Black Sea coast. Expected yields for summer crops are average to above average as there has been no significant heat or water stress.

Yield forecasts for Turkey - September 2022 Bulletin


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