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JRC takes up editorial leadership of journal for Reproductive Toxicology

JRC takes up editorial leadership of journal for reproductive toxicology
JRC takes up editorial leadership of journal for reproductive toxicology
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Effective from January 2020, JRC scientist Anna Price has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Elsevier journal Reproductive Toxicology.

The prestigious appointment is recognition of Anna’s work at the JRC and its EU Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL ECVAM) and the significant contributions made in fields including developmental toxicology, both in terms of basic research and improving chemical hazard assessment using alternative (non-animal) methods.

As Anna mentions in her first message from the editor-in-chief, “scientific data published in this journal will have an impact on current regulations and guidelines regarding reproductive and developmental toxicity testing of therapeutic drugs and environmental, industrial and household chemicals, and other products of concern, to create a safer and healthier world”.

The journal of Reproductive Toxicology - developmental basis of health and disease - draws from a large number of disciplines to publish original research on the influence of chemical and physical agents on reproduction and provides a forum for communication among researchers and practitioners. Articles focus on the application of in vitro, animal and clinical research to the practice of clinical medicine.

With new leadership comes new emphasis – as Anna puts it, “I see as part of our duty to promote the value of new alternative approaches and help advance the best, fit-for-purpose applications permitting more efficient reproductive toxicity evaluation. Only by combining diverse approaches and integration of knowledge coming from multiple sources (e.g., in vivo, mechanistic in vitro, in silico modelling, epidemiological and human studies, etc.) we can make progress towards improved regulatory testing, leading to better protection of human health”.

Another JRC scientist, Francesca Pistollato, has also been appointed as Associate Editor.

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