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News announcement7 June 20183 min read

JRC to continue key role in maximising research and innovation impact

As the JRC releases its Annual Report for 2017, newly-proposed Horizon Europe research and innovation funding will ensure it continues its role as the European Commission’s science and knowledge service.

The Annual Report looks back on a successful year for the JRC
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The European Commission today proposes 'Horizon Europe', an ambitious €100 billion research and innovation programme for the next long-term EU budget running from 2021-2027.

The proposal is launched as the JRC releases its Annual Report for 2017, looking back on the activities and accomplishments of the JRC during its 60th year of existence.

Horizon Europe funding will ensure the JRC continues its role as the European Commission’s science and knowledge service, carrying out research and providing independent scientific advice to EU and national policymakers.

Building on the achievements of previous programmes, Horizon Europe will boost the scientific, economic and societal impact of EU funding, ultimately increasing the well-being of Europeans. It will also help the EU remain at the forefront of global research and innovation.

And just like the JRC's efforts have contributed to some of the EU's biggest research and innovation success stories of the past few years, moving forward, the JRC's work will help to create more impact by focusing on societal challenges.

The JRC and Horizon Europe: building on our research and innovation success stories

The JRC's work, funded through the EU budget, directly contributes to the improvement of the lives of European citizens through research on societal challenges, such as creating a healthy and safe environment, secure energy supplies or sustainable mobility.

Thanks to EU funding, the JRC has delivered tangible results across all policy fields, including:

Annual Report 2017

2017 was a special year for the JRC. It celebrated both its 60th anniversary and also started to reap the benefits from its new strategy and organisation.

Vladimir Šucha, Director-General of the JRC, shared his insights and reflections on the first full year of implementation of Strategy 2030 in a video interview.

2017 was also a year where the JRC:

  • Provided policy support on several unexpected, complex and sensitive issues. JRC scientists responded rapidly to the fipronil scandal, and worked with other Commission services to address concerns about dual food quality;
  • Made substantial contributions to several key European Commission initiatives. Including the European Pillar of Social Rights, the Energy Union, Common Agricultural Policy modernisation and the European Semester;
  • Made advances that are appreciated and deployed beyond the EU. The JRC's work on Smart Specialisation has been adopted as a template for similar ideas in Canada, Australia and South America. Its knowledge, tools, models and research also serve policymakers across Africa;
  • Played an essential role as a knowledge manager for the European Commission and became increasingly recognised as a global player in Science Advice to Policy - through its data management work and setting up several new Knowledge and Competence Centres;
  • Looked to the future and focused on emerging challenges. JRC scientists developed the Commission's first framework for resilience and the EU's first comprehensive report on Fairness. Other forward-looking work included research on aspects of the digital transformation, including cyber security, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Experimented with innovative approaches to science. The JRC's exploration of the intersection of art and science culminated in a successful Resonances II festival in the Leonardo Da Vinci museum in Milan.

The Annual Report provides further detailed information on the wide-ranging accomplishments of the JRC over the year.

The publication also provides an overview of activities as well as corporate initiatives, international agreements, facts and figures and resources related to the functioning of the JRC.

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Publication date
7 June 2018