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Novinový článok29. júna 2020

Fair crop yield outlook for Russia and Kazakhstan

The yield forecast for winter wheat in Russia exceeds the 5-year average
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The Russia and Kazakhstan issues of the JRC MARS Bulletin global outlook series were published today.

The Bulletin on Russia reports that extremely mild temperatures and mostly sufficient precipitation led to the successful overwintering of crops.

While conditions for winter crops were excellent in early spring, severe frost events in April and dry weather conditions during March and April negatively affected winter cereals in south-western regions.

The yield forecast for winter wheat still exceeds the 5-year average, but the outlook for winter barley is below average.


In Kazakhstan, thermal conditions and water supply have been adequate for the emergence and early growth of spring cereals. Our analysis suggests close-to-average yield potential.

The main winter-wheat-producing areas benefited from adequate soil moisture during most of the growing period, but hot temperatures during critical stages of flowering and grain filling negatively affected yield expectations, which are now close to the historical trend.


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