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Fair conditions for winter crops in Türkiye

According to the April 2023 issue of the JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring European Neighbourhood - Türkiye, conditions for winter crops have generally been favourable.

Thunderstorms over barley fields in summer
Rainfall in March and April was mostly beneficial for winter crops

Initial delays in crop development were recovered, and the risk posed by the dry weather of late winter and early spring has substantially diminished thanks to abundant rainfall since 15 March. South-eastern production regions suffered damage from the earthquake and floods, but crops have recovered quickly.

Map of Areas of Concern - Turkiye

Rainfall arrived on time in Anatolian regions

Winter was generally drier and warmer than usual until February, when a cold spell delayed crop growth. Since then, crop conditions improved thanks to well-distributed precipitation and favourable temperatures. Fair yields are currently expected, and the yield outlook may further improve if conditions are favourable for the rest of the season.

Crops in average- to good condition in south-eastern regions

Thanks to a wet and warm winter, crops developed earlier than usual. Temperatures dropped in February, which returned crops to normal conditions for the time of year. Frequent and abundant rainfall since 15 March has led to sub-optimal growth conditions. Yield perspectives are favourable, as the current overly wet soil conditions could become an important resource that will help maintain high yield potential for winter crops if the weather turns dry in the coming weeks

Yield forecasts are favourable for winter crops

Forecasts for barley and soft wheat are in line with the 5-year average, and above average for durum wheat.

Crop Yield Table - Türkiye

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24 April 2023
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