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Novinový článok31. mája 2018

EURL ECVAM renews its Scientific Advisory Committee

Members of the new ESAC pictured with JRC colleagues and invited observers from Brazil and Korea
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New ESAC will meet in December to review affinity reagents produced using animal-free technologies and methods for skin sensitisation.

The JRC's EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) is delighted to announce the renewal of the EURL ECVAM Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) whose members were formally appointed on the 16th of April 2018.

Details of the new ESAC including its members can be found on the Register of Commission Expert groups.

Renewed every three years, ESAC is composed of external scientists who are appointed on the basis of their scientific expertise and who act independently in the public interest. ESAC advises EURL ECVAM on scientific and technical issues related to the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. The new ESAC will meet in Ispra, Italy, on 3-5 December 2018 at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and preparations are currently underway to mandate ESAC to deliver opinions on the scientific validity of alternative methods to assess chemicals for their skin sensitisation potential, and antibodies and new generation affinity reagents produced using animal-free technologies.


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31. mája 2018