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Cultural gems in Europe: tell us what you think!

Cultural Gems
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We are developing ‘Cultural gems’, a treasure hunt app.

This app aims to allow people to share and discover hidden cultural and creative treasures in cities across Europe.

We need your help

In the context of the development process, we are carrying out a short survey to better assess the needs and interests of potential users of the web app.

Please fill in the survey and help us shape an app that fits your needs.

The idea

The idea behind the mobile web app is to:

  • allow city residents and tourists to share and discover hidden cultural and creative treasures of the 168 cities included in the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor through treasure hunts.
  • enable city administrators to make use of the online discussion tools to engage with citizens on issues of public interest.

The mobile web app will be made available without charge to city administrators, citizens and tourists in Europe.


For additional information, please contact us at jrc-coin-culturalgemsatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (jrc-coin-culturalgems[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)


Last year we released the first edition of the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor, a new monitoring and benchmarking tool for 168 cities in 30 countries, aimed at promoting mutual exchange and learningwith a view to raise innovative, attractive and resilient cities.

The app and your use of it will support our work for the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

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