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Uutisartikkeli4. toukokuuta 2020

COVID-19 media surveillance - 4 May 2020

This media surveillance collects articles reported through publicly available web sites.


This media surveillance collects articles reported through publicly available web sites.

It is created with the Europe Media Monitor (EMM).

The selection and placement of stories are determined automatically by a computer program.



The following news were found among the most mentioned/retweeted items:

  • "Spain does not support France, Denmark and Poland in the veto of public aid for the coronavirus to companies with headquarters in tax havens" (eldiario)
  • "BBC stands firm against minister's criticism of Panorama show on PPE" (theguardian)
  • "34 days of pandemic: Inside Trump’s desperate attempts to reopen America" (washingtonpost)
  • "Before Covid-19, Trump aide sought to use disease to close borders" (nytimes)
  • "US coronavirus data is at odds with Trump’s push to get the economy back up and running" (vox)
  • "Birx’s ‘Fox News Sunday’ interview lays bare the discord in Trump’s coronavirus response" (washingtonpost)

The most mentioned English sources were the New York Times, CNN, the Guardian, the Independent and the Daily Mail.

El Diario, Infobae, El Confidencial and RT (Spanish version) and Le Monde and Le Parisien were among the most mentioned Spanish and French sources, respectively.

Extracted Quotes

Marc Lipsitch (USA, Harvard School of Public Health):

"Some states are choosing to lift restrictions when they have more new infections than they had when they decided to impose the restrictions. It is hard to even understand the rationale."

Fact Check

Fact checked: health claims

  • Fact checkers debunk claims that eating alkaline foods can prevent/cure COVID-19 (boomlive).
  • Fact checkers debunk a video in which an alleged scientist claims that chlorine dioxide can cure COVID-19 (afp).

Fact checked: anti-Muslim sentiment

  • Fact checkers debunk a video in Arabic claiming to show "the first Chinese Muslim after the coronavirus outbreak" (fatabyyano) and a photo claiming to show a Japanese family who converted to Islam after they recovered from COVID-19 (afp). These are said to be part of a misleading set of news claiming that in the wake of the pandemic, many non-Muslims are converting to Islam.

Fact checked: conspiracy theories

  • Fact checkers analyse Trump’s claim that “more and more, we’re hearing the story [that the new coronavirus emerged from a Wuhan lab]”, concluding that it is doubtful that the novel coronavirus was created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (washingtonpost).
  • Fact checkers continue to debunk claims that Nobel Prize-winning scientist Tasuku Honjo said SARS-CoV-2 is not natural and originated in a Wuhan lab (thelogicalindian).
  • Fact checkers debunk claims that there are over 1,500 secret viruses in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and SARS-CoV-2 was one of them (teyit).

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4. toukokuuta 2020