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Nyhetsartikel24 juni 2021

COVID-19: How not to get lost in the ocean of information

COVID-19: Finding a way to put the puzzle together
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The COVID-19 pandemic is engaging a great number of scientists worldwide and published knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate. The JRC’s CIAO project gives the scientific community a reliable map to navigate through the COVID-19 knowledge ocean. Why not join the effort!

COVID-19 is a complex disease. Scientists across the globe are working hard to understand the biological mechanisms underpinning its sometimes devastating effects. However, keeping up with the tens of thousands of scientific publications related to COVID-19 is a formidable challenge.

In response, the JRC is running an interdisciplinary knowledge management project called CIAO (Modelling the Pathogenesis of COVID-19 using the Adverse Outcome Pathway Framework) with other collaborating organisations.

“We want to create a point of reference for anyone with a scientific background who wants to quickly understand what happens when SARS-CoV-2 infects a human being”, explains JRC lead scientist Clemens Wittwehr. “We want that scientists don’t get overwhelmed by the information tsunami. We are channelling that tsunami and turning it into a stream of evidence that serves a variety of needs”

Adverse Outcome Pathways

The CIAO project will help to make sense of the disparate information sources on COVID-19 by exploiting a well-established knowledge framework called Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP).

An AOP is a highly organised collection of complementary knowledge that sheds light on how a disease develops, from an early Molecular Initiating Event over a series of Key Events in the organism, finally leading to an Adverse Outcome, like respiratory failure, kidney problems or even death.

We need your expertise!

CIAO is based on “crowdsourcing” and more than 60 scientists from various disciplines have already joined in. They dedicate their time to collect, review, organise and ultimately publish relevant knowledge on COVID-19.

Are you working in any relevant scientific domain, be it in hospitals, in labs or behind a computer? You want to help in building AOPs on COVID-19 pathogenesis?

Let’s pool our efforts! Join the CIAO project by contacting us here!

Find out more about CIAO and its current scientific by visiting the dedicated project website.

Two webinars in July and September

Two webinars will be organised on 6 July 2021 and 7 September 2021 to introduce the project and to address questions you might have before joining the effort.


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24 juni 2021