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Notícia22 de maio de 2023Centro Comum de Investigação

Strongly contrasting weather conditions in Europe affect crops in multiple ways

According to the May 2023 issue of the JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe, the weather during the review period, 1 April - 14 May, was marked by strongly contrasting patterns of drier- and wetter-than-usual conditions.

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Although crops were affected in many areas a fair yield outlook is maintained in most regions, except in the Iberian Peninsula.

Worsened conditions in the Iberian Peninsula

Continued and intensified drought conditions in the Iberian Peninsula further worsened the outlook for crops in Spain and Portugal. In both countries, the yield forecast for all main crops have dropped to well below last year’s poor level. Details on the drought in the Maghreb region can be found in the JRC MARS bulletin on North Africa.


areas of concern

Wet conditions in many other parts of Europe delays summer crops but improves soil moisture levels

A distinct rainfall surplus and/or colder than usual conditions caused delays to the sowing of summer crops and impaired other field operations in a large belt extending from Ireland to Bulgaria and Ukraine. An important positive aspect of the rainfall surplus is that, from a crop-water supply perspective, soil moisture and ground water levels in most of the areas affected are currently at a very favourable level for this time of year.

While north-western Italy is recovering from the drought reported in April, extreme rainfall events in the north-east caused locally severe loss of production of wheat and barley and substantial damage to permanent crops

Yield forecasts remain at fair level

Despite the exceptionally contrasting weather conditions experienced, a fair yield outlook is maintained in most EU regions. Downward revisions in the table below are mainly due to the worsened outlook in Spain and Portugal.

yield forecast

Further information

JRC MARS (Monitoring Agricultural Resources) Bulletins


The latest information about global agricultural production hotspots for countries at risk of food insecurity is available on the JRC’s ASAP (Anomaly hot Spots of Agricultural Production).

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