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News article9 February 2018

JRC portal ChemAgora simplifies access to chemical data

JRC's ChemAgora web portal simplifies access to chemical data
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The JRC's ChemAgora web portal provides search capabilities to retrieve chemical data from a plethora of online resources enabling users to access both regulatory information on chemicals and public databases on chemical properties.

ChemAgora is intended to support chemical risk assessment activities by assisting stakeholders to gain a quick overview of globally available data about chemicals they are interested in. This speeds up the process of data discovery and saves valuable resources.

ChemAgora, through an on-the-fly search, informs whether a chemical features in any of 17 external data sources or the OECD eChemPortal (featuring another 30 external sources), and provides clickable links leading to the third-party website pages containing the information.

These third-party data sources contain regulatory and scientific chemical information and typically use the CAS Registry Number (CASRN, a registered trademark of the American Chemical Society) as the substance identifier. ChemAgora can also map InChIKeys to CASRNs, which bridges the gap between regulatory and scientific environments.

The ChemAgora portal has gained the recognition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) as highlighted in a recent ACS publication, "Journal of Chemical Modelling and Information".

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Publication date
9 February 2018