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News article18 February 2019

ASTM International Standards in Europe

ASTM International Standards in Europe
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Another ASTM International standard describes the modified total evaporation method for determining uranium isotope abundances by thermal ionization mass spectrometry (C1832).

This standard method, developed by JRC-Geel experts, is known to be an improved approach to determine major and minor isotope ratios in uranium material. The major ratios indicate enrichment while the minor ratios indicate source or origin of the nuclear material as well as the processes it has been through. That information helps authorities verify material declarations and possibly identify clandestine nuclear material.

Standard methods help maintain and improve nuclear material measurement quality for safeguard purposes because they provide detailed method description plus information about the typical expected measurement performance. As a result, lab personnel can more successfully perform the tests on samples, evaluate and judge results.

More details on the ASTM International website.


Publication date
18 February 2019