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News article1 October 20181 min read

Alternative methods in biomedical research: second call for tender reviewing methods in 5 new areas

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The JRC's EU Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL ECVAM) has launched a second call for tender to review alternative methods and models being used for research in the areas of Cardiovascular diseases, Breast Cancer, Immunogenicity testing for advanced therapy medicinal products, Autoimmune diseases and Immune Oncology Models.

This new set of studies is aimed to continue the collection of successful non-animal procedures and techniques (e.g. in vitro, in silico) in 5 new areas of biomedical research, to broaden the knowledge on the possible benefits from the significant technological advances made in recent years in novel non-animal methods development, providing mechanistic information and modelling human-specific processes or tissues.

The call will cover comprehensive information on the status and applications of innovative and alternative methods in biomedical research, on the basis of extensive reviews of scientific literature and related information sources.

The outcome of the study, together with the data obtained from the previous review, will be valuable to advance uptake, implementation and promotion of non- animal methodologies in biomedical sciences.

The review is expected to be completed during 2020 and the information gathered will be made publicly available.

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Publication date
1 October 2018