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Joint Research Centre Molten Salt Database - JRCMSD


The Joint Research Centre Molten Salt Database (JRCMSD) is an extensive thermodynamic database describing the key fuel and coolant systems for Molten Salt Reactor technology.

Download the JRCMSD database

Overview on the available data

The database contains assessed data for

  • binary, ternary and higher order phase diagrams for fuel components (U, Th, Pu),
  • fuel solvent and coolant components, and some
  • fission and corrosion product components.

Regularly updated data

The database is being continuously validated and expanded by novel experimental data and thermodynamic assessments. It provides strong and reliable tool to estimate thermodynamic properties (selected ones are listed below) of fresh fuel (and/or coolant) salts. JRCMSD also provides insight into properties change influenced by accumulation of fission products during operational lifetime of the molten salt reactor.

The same is true for prediction of corrosion effects of the salt towards the structural materials. Universities, research organizations, reactor designers, regulators or e.g. licensing authorities can take profit of the database.

Using the database

Selected properties that can be calculated using the database:

  • Melting point
  • Precipitate formation
  • Heat capacity
  • Vapour pressures and gas speciation
  • Boiling points
  • Fusion enthalpy
  • Heat of vaporization
  • Solubility of actinides/fission products/corrosion products
  • Redox potential (corrosion potential)
  • Basic thermodynamic data such enthalpy, entropy and Gibbs energy

Since the database provides (in most of the cases) a full thermodynamic assessment of the studies system, all the above given properties can be calculated with respect to composition variation, allowing e.g. fuel composition optimization with respect to key properties.

The JRCMSD database can be downloaded on the JRC open data portal.


For questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to mail to: JRC-KRU-JRCMSDatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (subject: Enquiry%20JRCMSD%20website%20%28SH%29) (JRC-KRU-JRCMSD[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)