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STRETCH - Smart Textiles for RETrofitting and Monitoring of Cultural Heritage Buildings (iRESIST+)

The aim of the STRETCH project is to develop a hybrid structural-plus-energy retrofitting together with structural health monitoring tailored for masonry cultural heritage building envelopes. The innovative multifunctional system integrates textile-reinforced mortar with thermal insulation materials and strain/temperature fibre optic sensors. The proposed systemcan be instrumental both the assessment and conservation of cultural heritage buildings.

The use of a lime-based and cement-free mortar matrix for the design of the textile-reinforced mortar makes it compatible with the physical and mechanical characteristics of historic masonry. Fibre optic sensors integrated into the textile and embedded into the textile-reinforced mortar composites will provide distributed strain/temperature measurement. Capilary tubes inserted in the textile reinforcement will improve the energy efficiency of the envelope (this functionality is explored uder the international project SEP+)