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Integrated techniques for the seismic and energy retrofit of buildings


Earthquakes threaten a large percentage of homes and public buildings across the EU. At the same time, inefficient energy consumption of outdated buildings is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

We are putting forward a holistic approach to improve simultaneously the seismic safety and energy efficiency of the European building stock. Our approach:

  • is sustainable,
  • combines renovation efforts to reduce building vulnerability and to protect lives
  • upgrades the energy efficiency of ageing structures to significantly reduce CO2 emissions,
  • tackles the problem of energy poverty.

Our process

  • We tailor our analysis to building typologies, climatic and seismic exposure in each Member State.
  • We identify suitable intervention scenarios.
  • We highlight measures that incentivise funding and investments in risk-proofed buildings.

Your benefit

Our findings help to achieve longstanding policy goals and provide industry with innovative methods to modernise EU buildings. What’s more, our success helps to preserve our rich architectural identity.

Our project directly supports several European Commission priorities including the Green Deal’s call for renovating in an energy and resource efficient way. It provides the technical background in support of the Renovation Wave initiative and an EU Action Plan to modernise the European building stock.

Research outline

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