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Technologies for seismic strengthening and energy upgrading

The diversity of building typologies across EU regions and construction eras drastically complicates widespread modernisation efforts and hinders the selection of suitable renovation strategies.

Our process

  • We identify EU building typologies most needing upgrading by year of construction, structural typology, seismic and climatic exposure.
  • We provide an overview of the renovation technologies required to launch seismic safety and energy efficiency improvements across EU regions.
  • We consider various factors like intervention costs, disruption time, life cycle aspects, and technological compatibility.

Your benefit

Our research provides a foundational understanding of renovation technologies essential to the European Green Deal’s call for renovating in an energy and resource efficient way, and to the Renovation Wave initiative to foster the modernisation of Europe's buildings.

Our work contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 11 for safe and resilient cities. It also supports the New Circular Economy Action Plan by integrating life cycle thinking in the classification of technologies.

Our efforts provide new insights into at-risk building typologies for disaster management activities.

Research activities

  • Identification of building typologies that require renovation
  • Review of technology options for the seismic upgrading of existing buildings
  • Review of technology options for the energy upgrading of existing buildings

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