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EU Member States and industry need to know what benefits they gain by combining seismic safety and energy efficiency upgrading technologies.

Our process

  • We review and classifyexisting methodologies for seismic and energy retrofit assessment by renovation type, essential exposure indicators, method effectiveness, speed of implementation and ability to consider cost and service disruption.
  • We propose a novel integrated method for the assessment of the combined upgrading in economic terms. The new method considers the expected annual losses and energy consumption costs in a life cycle perspective.
  • We analyse case studies, which demonstrate the application of the proposed method to representative renovated buildings including cultural heritage ones.

Your benefit

Our research fills a knowledge gap with its codified and representative method. The innovative approach matches safety and sustainability in line with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The tools, guidelines, and case studies we are producing serve to enable the Renovation Wave initiative and contribute to the understanding of cost benefits in combined renovation, boosting renovation rates directly in support of the European Green Deal and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Furthermore, integrating life cycle thinking in the proposed assessment method supports the New Circular Economy Action Plan.

Research activities

  • Review of methods to assess improvement of seismic safety and energy efficiency
  • Definition of a method for a combined assessment of the upgrading
  • Implementation of methods on case studies

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