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Baselines for policy assessments: data products

Our baseline comes as a series of input-output tables, featuring a detailed set of numbers on energy, emissions, and economic structure.

The latest time series of input-output tables is a supplement to the 2022 edition of Global Energy and Climate Outlook (GECO). The data is available for download in the JRC data catalogue (Baseline GECO 2022). While in previous GECO, the EU member states were calibrated based on scenarios from the PRIMES model, in this edition, we use the POLES-JRC model to calibrate all regions (EU27 included).

The previous input-output tables published as a supplement to the previous GECO editions are also available for download in the JRC data catalogue. The Baseline GECO 2021 was specifically designed to assess the climate pledges during the 2021 Glasgow climate conference. For the EU, the version is consistent with the EU Reference Scenario 2020; a version with EU member state detail is available. 

If you use the baseline in your work, please do not forget to cite the authorship of the dataset and/or the corresponding report.