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Background - What is the FTA 2018?

"FTA 2018 – Future in the Making" is an international conference on Future-oriented Technology Analysis.

FTA includes futures-oriented disciplines such as (strategic) foresight, forecasting and technology assessment.

FTA 2018 'Future in the Making' is an international conference looking into interaction and exchange with complementary fields of policy support. And especially to those bringing innovation to how policymaking is conceived and implemented.

This includes

  • design for policy; how design can be used to co-create and prototype and test more effective policies
  • science and technology studies (STS); reflecting on and anticipating societal impacts stemming from science and technology and how to embody these reflections in policies
  • complexity approaches addressing multiple and recursive relations between dimensions, levels, actors, information, knowledge, etc.

The FTA 2018 will continue expanding the international network of foresight academics and practitioners in business, civil society organisations and government.

The conference also aims at broadening its scope through interacting and exchanging with other complementary, disciplines.

It is a unique occasion for participants from all continents to meet, enrich and enlarge their forward looking approaches.

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has organised five editions of FTA - Future Oriented Technology Analysis – Conferences since 2004.

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