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The ExpoFacts database demonstrates clearly the fields in which European exposure factor data are still missing, or cannot presently be made public, and contrarily the fields where uniform European procedures have been developed and comparable data have been made publicly available. Hopefully the ExpoFacts database will not only serve as a source of information, but also a motivation to start new research projects and surveys, and to harmonise and release more European data which have been collected using public EU or national resources for free access, and to further develop the European exposure factor data coverage and quality.

One important source of European statistical information is Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Until recently, the availability of Eurostat collected information has been rather restricted. Therefore ExpoFacts has collected the demographic and socio-economic information from other sources. The Eurostat data publicity policy, however, is currently opening up, which is encouraging for a multitude of applications for better research and decision making, including exposure modelling.

There is a process going on for harmonization of European dietary and time use survey data. In contrast, the limited availability of exposure factor information on European children strongly underlines the need of European level focused efforts to collect and generate such data.

ExpoFacts database and related documentation will be regularly updated.