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Exposure research and ExpoFacts

ExpoFacts database is a tool for exposure analysts. It is a data source for European exposure factor information, to be used as a part of a complete exposure assessment. The data in ExpoFacts are, however, applicable for dozens of other population study needs as well.

European exposure researchers have often used the more easily accessible American data, from e.g. U.S. EPA Handbooks, making different assumptions for applying them for the varying European conditions. There has therefore been a strong need to get also the European data into one central and accessible site.

The ECETOC Exposure Factors Sourcebook for European Populations, with Focus on UK Data, (Zaleski and Gephart, 2000) was the first broader compilation of European exposure factors. This document contains a lot of methodological information, which is not found in the ExpoFacts database. Therefore ExpoFacts does not replace the ECETOC document, but adds new information and Internet accessibility.