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Putting Science Into Standards - Data quality requirements for inclusive, non-biased and trustworthy AI

Bringing together regulators, scientific communities, industry partners and the standardisation community to map the standardisation needs arising from European initiatives, to translate them into proposed actions for the technical committees.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Presenting current and future needs and recommendations to address data biases and related ethical concerns in the context of AI and the future AI Act;
  • Mapping of existing and missing standardisation efforts;  
  • Developing guidelines in view of data quality standards for AI models; 
  • Proposing and recommending steps to start or complement the process of drafting standards.
  • harmonisation of standards | artificial intelligence | standardisation | European standardisation body | data science | data processing
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Scientist, standardisation experts, policy makers,


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Andreas Jenet
Joint Research Centre (EC)
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