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Rethinking Capitalism (ReCap) Webinar Series: "Upheaval and Implosion: Toward a Philosophy of History of the Present"

The Rethinking Capitalism (ReCap) Webinar Series is held online in association with the Center for European Studies (CefES-DEMS) and The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis (RCEA-Europe), under the auspices of the JRC.

Capitalism is in a human, political, social, and environmental crisis.

The Rethinking Capitalism (ReCap) Webinar Series is an opportunity to reflect on the failures of our cultural and production model.

The objective of these talks is to foster awareness, cooperation, and activism among academics and guide policymakers in implementing corrective policies to bring our societies back on a sustainable path.

  • sustainable finance
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  • Αποκλειστικά μέσω διαδικτύου
  • Διαθέσιμη ζωντανή μετάδοση

Πρακτικές πληροφορίες

Αποκλειστικά μέσω διαδικτύου
Κοινό Κέντρο Ερευνών | Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis | Center for European Studies
Rethinking Capitalism (ReCap) Webinar Series