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Commissioner Gabriel meets Startup Villages

As part of the flagship action on research and innovation for rural communities, EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel provides a unique opportunity to connect startup villages across the EU with the heart of EU policy making.

This one-hour virtual meeting follows the launch event of the Startup Village Forum in November 2021 and the first results of the call for pledges. It will provide a unique opportunity to connect startup villages across the EU with the heart of the EU policy making and to develop a dialogue between European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel, local authorities and entrepreneurs, on how innovation in rural areas can help tackle key challenges such as depopulation, food security and energy autonomy.

Two questions will be discussed in particular:

  • What is the role and the potential of startup-driven innovation in rural areas in promoting the resilience and autonomy of the EU food and energy systems?
  • What are the enabling and blocking factors behind innovation and startup creation in rural areas, and how policy delivery at different levels (EU, national, regional and local) can best support?


Follow the event via the livestream

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