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EIDES - Country Ranks

The EIDES rank of the EU countries and the United Kingdom, 2018-2020

The following figure shows the composition of the EIDES scores in terms of the eight pillars. The size of different color bars demonstrate how each pillar contributes to the overall EIDES score. For the EIDES 2020 leading country, Denmark, Physical infrastructure takes 14.5% out of Denmark 78.3 overall EIDES score. The Culture and Informal institutions and the Market conditions take 13.9% each. In decreasing importance, Formal institutions, regulations and taxation (12.0%) and Human capital (11.9%). Human capital is followed by Finance (11.7%), Knowledge creation and dissemination (11,0), and Networking and support (8.6). All country composition can be noticed by moving the cursor to the particular bar.

According to the EIDES rank for 2020 Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Luxemburg, and Ireland constitute the Leaders group. This is a slight change as compared to 2019 when Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg, and Germany and to 2018 when Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, and Finland were the top countries.

Behind at a notable distance according to the EIDES 2020, are the followers made of six countries: Belgium, France, Austria, Estonia, Spain and Malta. A third cluster is made of catchers-up: Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Portugal, and Cyprus. Finally, the laggards are the remaining seven countries: Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Greece, and Bulgaria.