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Euratom Materials Ageing Research (EMAR) Knowledge Base

The picture shows testing apparatus used to investigate the behaviour of engineering materials in an acqueous environment.
Environmental testing apparatus
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As is true for any advanced engineering system, the integrity of components used to build nuclear power plants (NPPs) has to be guaranteed over time.  Given that the characteristics of materials used to make such components can change with time and exposure to agressive environments (a phenomenon known as materials ageing), understanding such behaviour is the subject of extensive scientific research.

In this context, the EMAR knowledge base aims to synthesize the public outputs from Euratom research projects on ageing mechanisms of materials used to construct European nuclear power plants.

The knowledge base is designed so that the research findings from all the relevant projects are presented in concise, easily accessible and navigable synthesis reports. 

Where more information on a particular topic is required, the outputs used to author the reports are fully referenced, as are the corresponding projects.

With many information systems for materials ageing mechanisms already existing at individual EU Member State level, there has been no such system for Euratom research outputs.

The EMAR knowledge base addresses this shortcoming and gives consideration to those ageing mechanisms most relevant for passive mechanical components, including irradiation embrittlement, mechanical fatigue, thermal fatigue and intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IGSCC).