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A woman´s education is the spiritual secret of her power and key for her self-liberation. It is her means to create a new conscious generation and build an enlightened world.

تعلّم المرأة هو السرّ الروحي لقوتها ومفتاح تحررّها . إنه وسيلتها لخلق جيل واعٍ جديد وبناء عالم مستنيرمتطوّر.

Prof Shifa Mathbout is a researcher, Climatology Group, University of Barcelona

Shifa is a physical Climatologist professional with a solid research background, academic and industry experience, and a teaching portfolio. Shifa has a Ph.D. degree in Physical Geography (An International Mention Graduated Magna Cum Laude, University of Barcelona) with more than 12 years of experience assisting, managing, research projects involving analytical climatology, weather extremes, variability, climate change, urban climate and Impacts of large-scale atmospheric teleconnections on climate variability.

Shifa is interested in developing a career that combines teaching and research while maintaining her interest in public engagement with relevant stakeholders and interested parties.

  • Country: Syrian arab republic
  • Organisation: Researcher, Climatology Group, University of Barcelona
  • Social media: @ShifaMat
  • Category: Science, research and innovation